Mera Brothers Oysters

Sustainable aquaculture


Our oysters are grown in the pristine waters of Oyster Creek. We use sustainable methods and safeguard our product from coastal storms using the latest techniques endorsed by mariculture experts from North Carolina research facilities.


Oysters provide an essential function in the environment, filtering out  more  than a gallon of water per hour. This attracts other wildlife and helps to keep estuaries clean. 


Latest measured salinity: 30 ppt
Size: 3+ inches
‚ÄčLocation: Oyster Creek
From local NC seed

About us

We are three hard-working brothers with different skills and a dream to produce the best local oysters NC coastal waters have to offer. We believe that great-tasting oysters happen through sustainable mariculture and great attention to detail. We are a growing company and constantly expanding our reach to new restaurants in NC and beyond.

Where to enjoy our oysters

St Roch Fine Oysters + Bar, Raleigh

St James Seafood, Durham